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Whether the Drew-Bee is your first amigurumi, or your thousand-and-first, I hope you’ll enjoy making a little bee friend. Included in this pattern are the instructions to make a very simple beginner-friendly version, as well as a more intermediate color-change technique if you’re looking for a new challenge! I might be biased, but think it’s cute either way!


The original Drew-Bee is made with worsted weight yarn and measures 4” tall x 4.5” long x 3” wide. It can also be made in a variety of other yarn/hook sizes for varying results.


You are more than welcome to sell anything made using this pattern, but the pattern itself is not to be sold.

If you post photos or videos of your makes on social media, please tag me - would love to see them!
Instagram: @drewbieszoo
TikTok: @drewbies.zoo

FREE Drew-Bee Pattern

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