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Included in this pattern are the instructions to make a cuddly baby yeti or sasquatch. The instructions are the same, just using different colored yarn, and leaving the horns off for baby sasquatch!


The original Baby Yeti & Sasquatch were made using Bernat Pipsqueak yarn for the body and arms, and Caron One Pound for the face, feet, and horns. They measure 5” tall x 4” wide.


Pipsqueak and other faux-fur yarns can be quite difficult to work with, as it is hard to see the stitches. I would not recommend this pattern for true beginners.


You are more than welcome to sell anything made using this pattern, but the pattern itself is not to be copied, shared, or distributed in any format.


If you post photos or videos of your makes on social media, please tag me- I would love to see them!

Instagram: @drewbieszoo

TikTok: @drewbies.zoo

I am unable to accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations for digital items.

Baby Yeti & Sasquatch Amigurumi Pattern

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